Digital media has changed the way we work

The rise of digital media means we are more connected than ever before - this also means that we are creating and accumulating data files like never before! Storage is solved, but search and discoverability is not. Imagine how easy it would be to find exactly what you’re looking for in less than a second?

Our digital collections are usually all over the place. Saved in multiple libraries, folders and different business divisions. It's hard to find anything, and if you do find it, how do you know it’s the right version? Where has it been used before? Who has copyright? There is a lot of time consuming and unnecessary manual processes for staff to remember, administer, find, track, use, edit, collaborate and share - Sortal can change all that for the better.


Our company values mean that we will look after your data and your information. We are committed to great user experience, humanistic design, empowering connection, privacy, innovation, diversity and ethical practice.

We believe it should be easy for people to quickly navigate the digital junk to find exactly what they want. Sortal transforms how people manage and remember their digital footprint, in both their personal and professional lives.
— Majella Edwards, CEO and Co Founder

The latest accolades

  • SingularityU - Impact 1 Billion - Global Grand Challenge Finalist (MySortal), Australia 2019

  • Good Design Award Winner 2019, digital design for apps and software.

  • Runner up for Queensland Startup of the Year, June 2019 (Merit iAward by AIIA).

  • Top 100 global startups (advanced technology), Jumpstarter, Hong Kong 2019.

  • Launched our Photo Poet app to the App Store 2018

  • Collider Accelerator for Creative Tech, Brisbane 2017

  • Winners of the Startup Weekend for Creative Tech, Australia 2017