Sortal puts you in control of your image assets

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Sortal is reimagining digital asset management and collection management for creative enterprises. Sortal provides easy to use cloud based software that is accessible for all. Manage your image collections from creation to collaboration to end use.

Sortal is powered by AI making it uniquely trainable so that it adapts to each project, collection and workplace.


We have launched our early access program, this is for organisations that have signed up for special benefits and have agreed to provide feedback on feature testing prior to Sortal’s global launch. If you’d like to be involved, sign up below to get your special access code!


Digital assets are super important to business! But administering large collections is laborious, costly and error prone. The good news is that Sortal can vastly improve internal processes with a number of benefits such as:

  • Effortlessly manage large digital collections of visual media.

  • Reduce unnecessary expenditure.

  • Enable teamwork, collaboration and workflows.

  • Reduce manual and repetitive processes.

  • Reduce mental burden.

  • Reduce errors and misinterpretation of image related records and events.

  • Retain corporate memory.

  • Controls how your images are used and when.

  • Improve lead time to deadlines.

  • Manage image related contractual and legal obligations.

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