Spotlight on how to get the best out of your smartphone camera.

1. Live in the moment. The beauty about have a smartphone is that we can capture images nearly all the time. So while you’re out and about, notice your surroundings, the lighting and people’s expressions. By capturing things in the moment, you’ll often end up with more candid, natural photos rather than staged photos.

2. Notice the background as well as the foreground. All too often, something unfortunate in the background can ruin a good photo! Snapping away and being spontaneous is great, but spare a second to absorb what is happening behind the subject, and change angles where you need to.

3. Pay attention to lighting. Sunlight is by far the best light to photograph in, as our cameras are programmed to see daylight as neutral light with the purest colours. Artificial light produces different colour temperatures - which can be adjusted with a bit of post editing - but not always so easily fixed to reduce the graininess and image detail (think indoor low light). Its also best to photograph your subject without direct light behind them, unless you are wanting a silhouette photo.

4. Change it up. Try shooting from down low looking up, try getting up high and shooting down. Try moving left and right to get a range of angles. You might just nail the image you’re after by playing with height and perspective.

5. Take time to clean up your photos. Now this is the perhaps the most boring part (or perhaps the fun part?). Only a few minutes here and there when you have some down time will make all the difference to managing the size AND quality of your photo collection. Unless you are a food critic, do you really need to keep all 20 of those photos of your stellar avocado breakfast the other day? So save your favourites, and be disciplined to delete the rest!

Written by Majella, Founder and Photographer at Sortal. Majella is a qualified photographer, artist and designer, with several years experience at some of Australia's leading cultural institutions.